Goofed... tried to go static IP now cannot see it

I entered everything to go to a static IP, but now I cannot access my drive.  What do I do to recover?

Do the reset button procedure documented in the manual.   It will NOT delete your data.

Once you’ve done the 4-second or 40-second procedure, the IP address will be set back to DHCP.

You’ll need to run the discovery program again to find it and reconfigure it.

What does it look like when it is resetting.  I have tried it twice so far and cannot reconnect.

I don’t know.  I’ve never needed to do it.

You’re trying the setup / discovery program?

After further reading, it seems my unit may be bad.  The front LED alternates between steady white and flashing white and never turns blue.  How can I wipe it before I return it?