Goodsync Sync Ability... Good, bad? Is there something better?

Hey All,

I have to be honest, I liked the WD software that was in place before the move to GoodSync. The software was fairly easy to use and it worked most of the time. GoodSync seems capable but I am not sold on its ease of use. Also, is it automatic like the old WD software? If I make a change to a folder on the HD of my PC does it automatically update my WD MyCloud or do I have to manually run the software?

Is there a better choice than GoodSync? I want to make sure the pictures and music on MyCloud are up to date as I like to access them remotely. I also use Acronis but it does not seem to have a like feature.

Thanks, Bill

+1 that

I believe it requires My Cloud OS 3 or OS 5 but does not support My Cloud Home (MCH) OS 4. This is the MCH forum.