Goodbye Smartware

Been using the 4tb MyCloud little white box for about a year now. Lots of updates, resets, factory reboots and time spent wondering how anything could be so slow.

Gave up this week - factory reset - turned everything off - added some shares and got a copy of SyncBack. Unbounded joy is mine. it’s a great little NAS - too bad it is saddled with Smartware.

Don’t fool around - just dump Smartware and use the box as a NAS.

I wish I had a those hours back.

It should be noted that one is not required to use the free included WD Smartware, or free WD Sync for that matter with their My Cloud. One is free to use any backup or sync program they wish. As you found out, and which this subforum has numerous threads on, some have trouble with Smartware and WD Sync and have resorted to using third party, free or pay, software as replacements.

For WD Sync more than a few have switched to using FreeFileSync:

Often the software provided for free with computer equipment/peripherals is very basic and or sub par to that which can be purchased or obtained for free elsewhere. For some Smartware and WD Sync will work fine, for others they’ll be better served with other software that perform the same function.

That Smartware is free and can be replaced is duly noted. I am remain amazed that a company as mature and well respected as WD can ship something with such poor “out of the box” performance.

It should be noted that not everyone has problems with Smartware. I’ve used it twice before moving on to a more full featured backup program and didn’t have problems with it. A family member uses Smartware on at least three computers without issue. That said, due to the varied nature of computers and networks some are bound to have problems. It also helps to read the Smartware User Manual (link below) to understand how the program works and how to configure the various options.

Smartware is a bare bones basic backup program. There are better options available if one wants more features and capabilities. Edit: By the way WD doesn’t have to include Smartware with its NAS devices but does so (as bare bones as it is) as a selling point.

It all depends on your needs and knowledge.

The device by itself can be used combine with apps/build-in tools on most OS. No need for proprietary software.
There are tons of free software for backup and sync. Also some paying ones.

I use a combination of dropbox and the NAS for backups/syncs
I created my own scripts using “robocopy” in Windows and “rsync” in OSx.
From phones only backup the pics to the NAS, but only some pics not all, since most end up being deleted anyhow. For that we use ES File Explorer.

The beauty of my setup. If I get a new NAS regardless of brand/vendor, very easy to change the scripts. No need to learn new software