Goodbye MyCloud

After struggling for several weeks trying to get a 3Tb MyCloud to operate with any degree of stability I have finally reached the point of giving up.  I can’t tell you how many things I have tried but I have concluded that the unit is just a crock.

After doing a System Reset yesterday I have spent most of the day trying to update a few settings.  The reponse time to access the dashboard is something awful.  And I’m talking minutes not milliseconds.

I have removed the thing from my regular home network and have constructed a discrete test bed with just a laptop, a router and the WD thing all connected via Cat 5e cables.

It is still incredibly slow.  The only way I can access the shares is to direct connect the MyCloud to my laptop using an ethernet cable.  That’s at least a small mercy.

The last straw was this :


Thats “Media server database internal server error 400162” for indexation purposes.

I have wasted hours and hours trying to make this unit work consistently.

It’s about 6 months old.  Once I’ve got all the files off there how do I go about getting a refund so I can put the money towards buying a proper NAS?

Look at it this way: you paid about the same price as a WD Red Drive all by itself, that you would need if you purchase some other diskless NAS…

I don’t know which country you live in, but if in US, I don’t know of any major store that issues refunds for a 6-month old purchase. I am not sure why you waited this long to look for a refund…most (at least in US) try to decide on keeping or returning for a refund within the typical 30-day return period (some stores may have a bit longer 60 or even 90-day return periods). At this point, I’d think your best bet is to find someone willing to buy it off of you…via eBay, Craig’s List, Amazon marketplace, etc.

And Etupes made a valid point. You could crack open the case and use the hard drive for a diskless NAS that you’d probably be buying next anyway. The only catch about that is you’ll very likely be voiding the warranty on the drive once you take it out of the shell. Better may be to sell it for the best price you can get and put it towards your next NAS or NAS drive purchase.

etupes - I paid $270 for a 3tb disc drive if you follow your logic. $australia prices not quite as good as US!
And cybernut1 it ran OK for about 4 months - only recently gone flaky. Think it’s a dud/ lemon or whatever the US terminology is.

My MyCloud 3TB (FW 4.00) still works decently as an external storage and for video streaming.  However having read all the sad tales in this forum, I have a nasty feeling that my unit will turn turtle too sooner or later; and I don’t have any confidence that WD will be able to sort out the issues anytime soon (its been a month since the FW 4.00 issues exploded!).  So, I am now looking for a replacement; my MyCloud is a few months old and since I live in Singapore, I don’t expect to get a refund for it.  I plan to buy a low-end Synology NAS and hope to strip the 3TB from MyCloud and use it in the Synology. This should be a fairly easy installation and setup.  Correct?  Or is it a difficult task?  Any advice would be appreciated.

jchoong - your question is perhaps better suited for Synology forum about installation and setup of Synology.


You could still be in warranty through WD. I’d call them and see if I could work out a repair or exchange. Of course, I don;t kjnow what you might have done that would void warranty.


Popping the drive in a Synology is super simple, new or used, BUT this will erase your content.


Thanks for the info. I am quite certain I will go for a replacement of my MyCloud.  Have to do a bit more research and prep work before proceeding.

@davidrob - Thanks.  I may seek a warranty repalcement after I have all the data safely off the device.  But then again I have lost all confidence in the product.  The number of problems reported in these forums leads me to believe that it is flaky at best.  Maybe the next generation will be better.

OK.  Does Anything work at WD?  I have tried unsuccesfully on previous occassions to register My(Dodgy)Cloud.  

Today I succeeded and went to create an RMA.  Got this screen:

How much harder can you guys make this?

Logged out of WD site, Logged in again and now I can create RMA!  Thankful for small mercies.

Spoke too soon:

These guys have mastered the art of frustration.  There goes another hour wasted.  Grrrrr!

Sheer persistence paid off and I now have an RMA.  I think the guys who built the WD website must do the MyCloud firmware in their spare time.


Oh great.  Now I have to pay to ship this unit to Malaysia.  

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WD have arranged to send a courier to collect the My CLoud for RMA return.  So I decided to do a full factory restore before sending the unit away.  So far it has been running for 13 hours with little signs of ending.

How long do I need to wait before giving up?  13 hours seems like an enormous time to reformat a 3Tb drive!

Well the full factory restore never finished.  I gave up at 16 hours and rebooted.  It started at the initialise screen and I set it up again.  I then did a Quick Restore to make sure everything was cleaned out and started for scratch.  Interestingly one of the shares I had set up prior to attempting any resets was still in place.  So much for restore to factory settings.

Anyway I have added a few media files to share and I’ll see how it goes.  So far performance is quite good.  But what worries me is that a periodic factory restore is the only way to keep these MyCloud devices operating in a stable manner. 

Going to be difficult to now develop any faith in the unit.