Goodbuy Black Mamba Theme 1.9 Thumbgen help!

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Hi everyone , im not sure where to start , im going to try to explain this as easy as possible ,

i deleted everything off my WD live streamimg media player HD , trying to start fresh and installed goodbye Black Mamba Theme V1.9

im reading the Black Mamba 1.9 User Guide for old Sheets.pdf , im doing exacly what it says , i added the goodbye black mamba bundle in thumbgen , everything esle is default …

I changed/renamed my movie to 247.degrees.fahrenheit.Bluray.mkv  i clicked process files/folders  with semi automatic , the problem is when i click on

Generate them and go to next  , i should have 3 new files but all  i have is 247.degrees.fahrenheit.Bluray.jpg

no xml and no sheet’s

in the options of input/output everything is default because im not to sure what they mean…

and im also using latest Thumbgen version.

i’ve uploaded a screenshot of the Imput/Output option if it helps!

this one is the screenshot to generate the movie

hope someone can help !!

My setup is WD live streaming media player

500gig WD mypassport usb 3.0

I have my WD connected to my pc with all the movies , im using Thumbgen and directing it inside my movie folder

MY HD ROOT is  MOVIES/( folders of every movies)/then the actual movie.mkv(.avi) etc

i have deleted the wd._tv


you need to set thumbgen i can see in your screens your xml has no output path since your using Black Mamba in the theme pack there should be a gude to set up TG read and you should be on your way in case you cant find it