Good Themes


I’ve yet to see a good theme for my WDTV live, I’ve added a HD to my box so I guess it’s more like a Hub, but I’ve yet to see a good theme for the box that does look cheap or miss something obvious that ruins it looks.

I saw one somewhere on this site that the maker said was inspired by XBMC, but it missed some obvious things. The main problem I find is that the themes made don’t cover every single aspect of the OS. Whenever I download a theme I compare it to the standard one that comes with the box and so far they always come up short.

Can anyone offer up one that not only looks good but it perfect?

(Before anyone say, if you don’t like them, make your own. I can’t make an iPhone, not many people can but we all can complain when it doesn’t work perfectly. (Not that I’d buy an iPhone!))

I guess it depends on taste and what do you want from your theme, I prefer to just use the default theme. Maybe someday I will download some of  JoeySmyth themes. :smiley: