Good program for backing up files into mybook live's public folders

What’s a good, free, simple program for backing up files locally from my win 7 computer to mybook live’s public folders?  I need one that can automatically wake up a mybooklive when it’s sleeping.

I tried syncback and it doesn’t seem to wake the drive.  I’m doing this cause from my understanding, I can only see thumbnails in wdphotos (for both ipad and android phones) and wdphotos can only see photos/videos in the public folders.  Also, smartware can’t automatically backup my windows PC files into the public folders, only that hidden files folder.  If any of my assumptions are wrong, and I can just use smartware to do what I want instead of getting a separate program, please let me know. 

Thanks a lot.

Hi, Smartware will give you the option to backup the files into the public, you can select the public folder from the smartware home tab, if you don’t see it try downloading the latest version.

The free version of Genie Tmeline seems to work

Thanks guys .  WD smartware doesn’t work (at least not for me).  I can see on the home page the three options Public, Smartware, TimeMachineBackup under my book live icon but I can’t switch from Smartware.

They seem to update the software a lot.  Hopefully they will resolve this issue soon. 

For some reason syncback seems to work now even though I didn’t change anything.  If it stops working again I’ll try the genie.  Thanks alot.

I do it manually via a batch command once a week. This will copy from my PC to MBL, it is one direction sync/mirror only though. Change the variables to anything you want.

======= File Begins ==========

@echo off
SET Year=%date:~-4%
SET Month=%date:~-10,2%
SET Day=%date:~-7,2%

SET From=D:\temp\apps
SET To=\\Public\Apps

robocopy %From% %To% /MIR /FFT /Z /XA:H /W:5 /COPY:DT /LOG:%From%\apps-%month%-%day%-%year%.txt
===========File ends ============