Good luck to WD

Just got back from returning my MyCloud drive to the store for a full refund. It seems Costco will give you 90 days on electronics, and no questions asked, not the couple of weeks other stores give you. Excellent.

I appreciate being contacted via email by WD in order to “to help resolve this issue or at least collect more information regarding this particular issue” (quote from the email I received) – truly I do.

But I don’t have time to sit on the phone and detail everything I’ve already done to try to get this drive to work – certainly not when I’ve detailed it all in these forums (aside from rebooting my router and cable modem, which I neglected to mention). 

I just want the drive to work, right out of the box. Plug in, sign on, away we go.

This is what I was led to believe by WD would be the case when I bought the drive. This is how it should have been.

In reality it wasn’t the case at all. The drive was flaky from moment one, and the firmware updates made things worse to the point of the drive being unusable.


Let me be clear, though: I’m not flaming WD, nor am I attacking the WD staff or mods (despite my earlier disgruntlement about locked posts). I appreciate their efforts. I hope they fix the issue.

But the fact is, this problem shouldn’t have happened.

And though there might not have been “hundreds” of us non-SSH-using end-users on this forum, surely there are more people out there in the real world who are having problems with these MyCloud drives right now, who don’t know what to do and who are stuck with a nice-looking plastic brick.

It’s not just the handful of people who stumbled across, or already knew about, this forum who are having troubles with these drives. 

Unfortunately for WD, they’ve lost a customer over this.

The bottom line for me is that I don’t have time to wait for a fix. A device either works, or it doesn’t. It’s either ready for market, or it isn’t.

Despite opinions to the contrary, my opinion is that this device wasn’t ready – or the firmware wasn’t ready, at least. Something was missed in testing, maybe. I don’t know. And now that I have my money refunded, I no longer care.

For those of you who are still stuck, I hope WD gets this issue fixed for you, and soon. Best of luck to WD in fixing this issue. 

My $220 refund won’t likely be much of a loss to them, but it’s good money to me.

I’m going to spend it elsewhere, on another company’s product.

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Does WD Staff allow beta-testing by customers to get real-life feedback ?  If not, I suggest you should.

Maybe WDC Staff should consider allowing some of us customers do beta-testing at our own risk (I’m willing to). 

I am willing to purchase (hopefully with a discount through WDC somehow) an additional My Cloud just to do beta-testing of both pre-release frimware and any suggested ssh mods/recovery commands. Then provide feedback with screen prints of output from real-life success  or bugs prior to releasing

I would immediatley remove the drive and image it as it comes from the Factory so I can return the drive to factory level as needed (Which requires removing drive from unit to build and ISO Image).

I and hopefully others who are given the chance to “beta-test in real-life networking situtations” whereas in my setup it is both Dlink (N) & Linksys (G) routers using windows 7, iOS and Android portable devices.

Just my thoughts.