Good Idea? Storing & Viewing Videos - MacBook to My Cloud

Hi there, got a 2TB My Cloud at Christmas and am about to purchase a new MacBook Pro. I’m trying to decide whether or not to upgrade the MBP from a 512GB SSD to a 1TB SSD and it depends on if my plan, explained below, will work:

I currently have a USB-connected 2TB WD external HD connected to my iMac at all times. It’s partitioned and 1TB is for TimeMachine Backups and the other is for files I don’t want to keep on the iMac’s local HD…i.e. 330GB of movies and videos. I have iTunes point to the external HD to find and play all the movies and it works great. I can watch them on the AppleTV using HomeSharing and everything is pretty seamless.

My plan is to do the same set up with my new My Cloud (1TB partition used for MacBook Pro’s TimeMachine Backups and 1TB used to hold larger files and keep the laptop’s HD from getting too full). Has anyone used their My Cloud in this way? (While I’m curious about its success as a TimeMachine backup, I’m more interested in knowing if storing the movies on there and then watching them via my iTunes works well.)

You can not partition a WD My Cloud. You can however, set a limit for the maximum backup size. This will automatically erase old Time Machine backups once the limit has been reached.

Ooh, that’s good to know. Thank you! I assume that’s a setting I choose in the TimeMachine set up? Or is it a setting within the My Cloud?

It’s a setting within the WD My Cloud. It’s located in the dedicated “Mac Backups” section of the admin Dashboard.

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