Good concept but drops off network

I have had this unit since June 4. It is now June 28 and I’m still trying to get everything set up. The concept is good, the unit “attaches” to the network without issues. However, trying to get data set up and sync’d has been long and frustrating because the unit falls off or disconnects from the network frequently even in the middle of file transfer requiring a computer reboot.

I have the EX2 ultra and 2 WD My Passports. One of the passports has all the data. It took some period of time to transfer data from the passport to the EX2 Ultra device. I am now attempting to back up the EX2 unit to the other passport. I have been working on that for 1 week. Delays with the original transfer to EX2 and the copy to the other passport have taken so long because the EX2 continually drops from the network requiring reboot. Of course after restarting I then need to determine what directories have been copied successfully and what hasn’t been. That requires a comparison before I start coping again.

All of this is taking so long as a result I’m not sure how I will work this in the future. The concept was to have the EX2 Ultra in a Raid set up with alternating passports for periodic backup with one passport kept in the bank box. The computer is Windows 10. However, this back up or copy to the passport is taking so much effort since the unit disconnects I from the network during the copy creating errors. I have almost 2tb with thousands of photo files.

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.




To get a more stable connection try using the drive with a static IP. Also, make sure that you don’t have a firewall blocking your connection.

These NAS devices can “appear” to drop of the network, but in fact they don’t, what is needed is to Refresh the network view to just see it again (and other devices that appear to drop off the network). This is done through viewing Network in Windows File Explorer . Press “Refresh” icon button or even pressing F5 key (on my PC) brings it all to view again. If not, then perhaps a missing device has dropped off the network.