Gold datacenter series discontinued, no warranty?

One of my Gold datacenter series 4tb wd4002fyyz hdd stopped working. Disk work only 8 month.
Dealer in Croatia, tell me that this series is not available for replacement and that he can exchange it for different type/model. This is problem. I buy it because wd advertise as 5 year warranty, datacenter reliability bla bla…
Is that true, no available?
What to do? I have 12 of this disk!!!

Have you contacted support about this? As I understand it, whatever warranty you have left on the drive when you RMA it, should transfer over to the next drive you receive in the RMA. I’d contact support to see what they say about it.

No, i not contact support. But if this disks i cant exchange in regular way for warranty this is big problem for me.

any update on this??? my raid start corrupted!!! what to ask dealer? where to find replacement for next 4.5 years warranty period??
do i need to trash all 12 for seagate maybe???