Gold, Black, Purple, Red, Blue hard drives?

Could someone explain the color codes for the different WD hard drives. I’m replacing a failing RE4 500 GB 3.5" drive and looking for reliability. I’d llke to hear some opinions on the different color WD hard drives.

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WD Blues are great drives. I have used many of them and they last well beyond their warranty period. In the past 10 years I bet I have only had one return. WD Blue SSDs are working great too in several laptops and desktops I maintain. Just sayin…

blue drives (except the original 500-1TB ones) are just relabeled green drives
and WD solid drives might be relabeled OCZ (junk) or Sandisk now
there is a dark and long story behind OCZ, if a company try to rip off their customers I do boycott it.