Gold 6 TB; How do I test this new drive?

Okay, I’m going to type out what I’ve done so far…how do I test this new drive?

I bought a new WD Gold 6 TB drive and am not able to test it. I’m using a ASUS motherboard that supports UEFI and Windows 7. I started by using the DOS version of WD’s data lifeguard diagnostics by booting on to a rufus made flashdrive (32 gb, brand new) that uses FreeDOS. I boot to to the flashdrive and see this result in the error messages: Drive is too large to handle, using only 1st 8 GB…drive 81 heads 16 sectors 63 , total=0xbaa0f4b0-00000002 illegal partition table - drive 01 sector 0…" and it fills the screen with similar responses. It finally loads with Freecom version 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap [Aug 28 2006]. From here, I run the executable: “DOSDLG.exe”. I get an error code “120” which according to WD is “NO DRIVE FOUND”.

I opened the computer, checked all connections, and tried again. Same error code. Third try - same result.

I stopped, re-formatted the flashdrive and can’t match the steps provided by WD and here: Testing a new WD drive (6tb).

I can’t match the steps WD gave because 4096 bytes (mentioned by WD in their instructions) is not an option in this version (3.1) of Rufus, so I use 16 kilobytes for the cluster size, but the drive gets formatted to FAT 32 and MBR. The file is: “DOSDLG” and not “DLGDIAG5” like WD wrote.

I formatted the internal hard drive, installed Windows 7 and opened disk management. I saw a 2 TB partition and couldn’t access about 3.5 TB in unallocated space. I entered disk management and tried to right-click on the area to the left of the drive to “convert to GPT”. The option was not available.

I installed GSmartControl to start testing the drive but noticed only 2 TB was visible and not the entire 5.5 TB. I cancelled the test. The quick test passed. I wanted the extended test with the entire drive.

I booted to the Windows 7 dvd and on the “Where do you want to install Windows” screen, tried to use format/new to make two partitions or otherwise extend one. Not working. I “shift+F10” and use diskpart to “clean” the drive and “convert to GPT”. Success. This worked. But it doesn’t solve the problem of trying to start testing the new drive.

I converted to GPT using DOS and Diskpart but back on the “Where do you want to install Windows” screen, I can’t allocate/format the 3541.0 in GB of space. I understand this is a limitation of NTFS and I need GPT, but every time I boot from the dvd, I am booting into legacy BIOS, and not UEFI.

I went into my BIOS and chose UEFI but it won’t boot into it. (Advanced > Boot > Secure Boot)

I disabled CSM in the BIOS, but “The current BIOS setting do not fully support the boot device” was the result, so I re-enabled it.

I’m confirming I’m booting into BIOS and not UEFI on the command line during the Windows installation.

In the BIOS, I see the entire 6 TB drive. It also shows in diskpart.

What am I missing here? How do I do an extended test on this new 6 TB drive?

Did you try to run Extended Drive Test using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows?

Killdisk or hd tune (windows) or dd / badblock (linux) for test a whole drive and run multiple time tools

@nings you are wasting your time with dd and badblocks. The SMART offline test is more reliable and can detect bad sectors while they are still potentially readable. The only way badblocks or dd can find an error on a SMART drive is if the drive has already failed beyond what SMART can compensate for.

No just use the drive non stop during 1 week for test all sectors if this drive should die… it’s during these tests :slight_smile:

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