Going to set in epoxy resin

I have had enough of this device. After working relatively without issue for a year something has changed, I have not changed my infrastructure this end.

In order to get access to content via android I regularly have to reboot, re index, clear the app from any android device that is being used to access, rebuild the database, soft reboot. And that can be after 5 minutes of access or no access at all. Mixed network error messages 900,905, cannot access file the whole nine yards. Rebooted router re configured port forwarding aaagh.

Now you get support for the individual error but NO ONE IN WD IS LOOKING AT THE WHOLE PICTURE. Now going to set in epoxy resin and use as a paperweight…

Has anyone else had all these issues??.


@Damnut You did not say which WD Device, you have posted in the My Cloud sub-forum. WDMyCloudImage

I own two My Clouds, a 1st and a 2nd generation. Both are working just fine. All my devices are connected and I have no problem using them. My Cell Phone and Tablet are both Samsung, Android devices. My Sony Bravia TV uses Android too and I don’t have any problems using My Cloud with it.


What app are you using on Android to access the My Cloud?
Are you accessing a My Cloud on the local network using WiFi or a remote My Cloud using cellular data?
Have you assigned a static IP address, or reserved an IP address with the router, for the My Cloud?

Not having any issues accessing the My Cloud (first gen v4.x single bay) on a local network using Android and WiFi either with the WD Android app or using a File Manager app (ES File Explorer).

Thanks for the reply, I also have my smart tv and cable box connected via cat5 to the network.

I can usually stream directly any video content, but as soon as the cloud has an issue, I will always get ‘cannot access file’, network 900, 905 errors and back to square one. Open a laptop, and can see the cloud and access the files.

Right now I have content streamed to my pc directly accessing over my network, and cannot access a simple jpg file from any android. device phone or tablet.

The IP has not changed as I have allocated static ip addresses to my network printer & cloud. Using the standard WD Mycloud app via wifi. Several users are allocated on the cloud device and I have no issues in accessing the shares using appropriate credentials for signing in.

Port forwarding is enabled and using the correct ports.

Am in process of downloading to a 5TB usb3 nas.

Thanks for looking folks.