Going open source?

I’ve purchased a WD TV mini, and I must say: I’m not a happy user. The firmware is very buggy, and with regards to functionality (the user interface) it is more than clear that the programmers never used the product: it is very bureaucratic and umcomfortable to use.

But this is not a complaint, is just a suggestion. Why does not an company like WD addopt an open source model for the firmware of their products. There are so many examples of superb open source software (emacs, amarok, mplayer, vlc, miro, etc), and the reason for this excelence is simple: the programmers are also users of the software. They know if something is poorly designed form the user interface point fo view, as is the case with the WD mini firmware, and they can modify it according to their needs.

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Hi Damian,

The firmware (or at least the parts that WD edits) is freely available to download.  If you Google “B-Rad” you’ll see he creates modded firmwares for the WD TV Live and WD TV HD units.

Which brings me to the fact that this is the WD TV Live forum.  There are separate forums for the WD TV HD and WD TV Mini.

Also, the best place for Ideas is the Ideas forum (big image link at the top of the page).  I believe someone has already made this suggestion for the Live but don’t know if a topic exists for the Mini.  Feel free to post a new topic there (in the WD TV Mini Forum, not the Live forum! ;)).

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The open source code you refer to is just a collection of all the full source code WD pulled some stuff from.  None of it contains any WD code.  From what I understand B-Rad disassembled the WD code from the units and analyzed them to figure out what they are doing.  I don’t think he has offered up this disassembled code to the public.  WD would not be too thrilled with that.  The modifications he is doing would probably not be of use or interest to the majority of the users here.

Raster99 wrote:

WD would not be too thrilled with that. 

So what makes you think that WD would like to go open source. BTW, this is the Live and not the Mini forum and moderators usually request suggestions to be made in the ideas section to be noticed.

I don’t think WD will ever go open source with their code.  Read my post again. You missed the whole point of it.  And there is nothing about the Mini in my post.  And I do request things in the ideas section (See my idea for adding Netflix posted December of last year).

Sorry, guys.  I don’t know how I missed this one.  It should be in the Mini…well actually it should have been an idea in the Ideas Lab.  I’m going to freeze this thread and recommend that damianonly post it as an idea.

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