Going Insane!

Hi forum

I recently bought myself a 3TB my book live network hard drive.

All seems to be fine, i can upload my videos and photo’s and so fourth to the public folder.

I have young children so not all my films are suitable, so when i create new users and new folders and select what they can view, all seems fine but when i try and sort out my films into the relevant folders (Adult Films and Kids Films) i get a message saying access denied please enter a password?

I have no password on my computer as all media is on a password locked external hard drive so my children can’t access it.

I have tried my WD admin password but still nothing…

Can somebody please help me sort this issue out??

Thanks in advance for your time.

Thread moved to Personal Cloud Storage: My Book Live because it has a dedicated board.


First off, the Shared folders in the Public share cannot be managed for user access via the web UI. What I suggest is creating a Kids_Video share and another for your private videos. Then in the Shares section of the web UI you can deny access on a per user basis.

Thanks Trancer, sorry it was in the wrong place

Hi whsbuss

I am not using trhe public folder and have created private folders for each member of the household by what they are allowed to watch and set the required access.

Today i managed to copy all my files to the designated folders and all went well, but know when i try to open a folder (kids films) i get asked for a windows network password and i haven’t set one…

I have looked more about the issue online and i have read there is a problem with Windows and the WD netowork hard drive…I really shouldn’t have to download twonky to sort the issue out!

Reckon this network hard drive will be going back to be honest!.

Thanks for your input whsbuss it was appreciated.

You will encounter the issue with any NAS, it is not just for this. Be patience, NAS devices are not the same as USB drives and there is a learning curve, be patience and research/read/play with it, you will get there…

Anyhow, it has to do how you connect to the NAS for the first time, it still has the “guess” credentials if you connected to the Public folder first.

Anyhow see these posts see if they help.



is it asking for “Network Password”? Look at my picture below


yes it is and it will… read the links provided.