Going from Firmware .00(stock) to .17 - BIG Question

Question for those of you that have upgraded to the newly released firmware .17 - directly from the original firmware .00 (skipping .11)

I had downgraded to .00 after .11 had given me terrible audio sync issues. Those of you who had the same problem know what I am talking about - FW .11 had made this thing basically unuseable do to the audio sync issues with .mp4’s.

If I go to .17 - does that include changes that were made in .11?

In other words, will .17 bring back those dreaded audio sync issues?

Any input would be appreciated.


.17 includes .11 upgrade.

Release 1.01.17 (1/11/10)

  • Improves the reliability of the WD TV Live firmware upgrade manager by incorporating a more robust method of upgrading firmware over the internet.
  • Includes all previously released updates.


Not that I am intending to, but out of interest, how did you downgrade your WD live?  I don’t recall seeing an option to do so.

it’s discussed in this thread: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live/Download-old-firmware/m-p/1080#M596

basically you download the old FW, change the version # in the .ver file to a higher number than what was installed.

really works quite qell . . .