Going, but not quite gone? Drive failure messages on all utilities

I have a 4 TB My Book and I can’t write to it. The utilities all return “failure” messages, but I can still mount the drive and read from it and it’s still visible on my local network. Is there something I can do to just scan it and repair, while keeping the content or should I run out and get another drive today to replace it and copy content while I can?

Hi ascanga,

As it failed all the tests, it seems that the drive has gone bad. As you can access the files of the drive, so just keep all the data to some different location and get the drive replaced from WD if under warranty. Else, buying another one would be the last option.

Peter.g thanks for your response. I did purchase a new WD my book and I am trying to configure backups, but it is not visible in smartware. Any suggestions? It shows up in WD discovery tool, and at the OS as letter F drive.

Hi ascanga,

Well WD Smart ware does not support My Book. However, you can use WD Backup software for backing up your computer.

Is that a change from previous versions? I think my previous My Book drive was listed in Smart Ware.

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Hi ascanga,

Yes, the New My Book does not support WD Smartware.