Going back from OS5 to previous system when doing a reset at WDmycloud?

Will I get back to the old operating system when resetting (factory reset) on my WDmycloud EX2?
I want to stop using OS5 because it is ■■■■.

WD does not provide a way to return to OS 3. There may be a roundabout way but I have not seen anyone post about how to do so.

They made this pretty clear during the upgrade process.

Also mentioned in the release notes: https://os5releasenotes.mycloud.com

Yeah, sure they made it clear in the notes, but then I did not know that the new OS5 is not working for me as they removed git. That’s why I want to go back to OS3.

So, that’s it. I will throw the EX2 cloud in the trash and buy a new NAS, a good one from Synology who have much better customer support.


I’m only guessing here, but I am betting they probably update some of the firmware for the “BIOS” or mainboard or other controllers, etc to a new version which has not been tested on the old release, so is deemed incompatible.

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If they would bring back docker support all would be fixed again, even missing GIT!

They’d also need to resolve the high cpu and ram usage.

WD MyCluod EX2ultra OS5 è un nas senza applicazioni e quindi inutile, da buttare nella spazzatura
Ho sbagliato a comprarlo soltanto un mese fa
Uno schifo !!

@TylerV76, that would be connected to the initial indexing process which happens when you use Cloud access to your NAS. Either give it a day or two to index all (depends on your NAS disk size) or completely turn it off in the Cloud Access section and enjoy low RAM & CPU.


My cloud access has been disabled from the beginning. Its also been almost a week. Has nothing to do with indexing as has been reported on here in multiple threads.

Yes, WD noticed that there is no way to go back to OS3. And they also noticed that you will not get any updates to your NAS until you upgrade to OS5. That is why I made a crazy update to OS5. But they did not notice that OS5 is sooooo baaaad !!!
Now I do not know what can I do with this piece of hw. I was also stupid I believed in WD infos. Next time I should read something like this https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29389/kw/cloud%20os%205 and what is worst, it is going like this with everything what can be updated.

Hello all,
following the steps of Jaspertan in this thread :

, I was able to downgrade from OS 5 to 3, but the process is a little risky
fortubately, I bought the ex2 ultra two months ago, and I use it throught docker; without it this nas is like a stone…

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