GoFlex Home NAS with WD Live TV Hub every file in every folder appear in media library

I added my Seagate GoFlex Home NAS to WD Live TV Hub’s media library but every file in every folder appears in the Media Library, even though my drive is organized by artist. For example, I have a Sheryl Crow video folder, but in addition to seeing that folder I see every file in that folder. That’s 1,144 files to go thru to find what I’m looking for!  And I have an external drive that is 6 TB, so the problem gets worse.

Does anyone have any insights? BTW: The GoFlex is plugged directly into my modem/router.  When I look at this drives from my PC on the network, the files are nicely organized into folders, so why does WD TV Live Hub’s  Media Library change the organization?

Have you tried the “Filter” options ?

eg. Press the button on the remote control to sort by file / folder etc

While that wasn’t the solution, it did leave me to the solution: when the green button would not do anything, I realized I was accessing the drives individually using Network Share, not going thru Media Library. When I did this, everything was back in folders and all my drives were visible.  (I think I need some sleep…)

Thanks for helping me sleep better, not that his problem has been solved.