GoFlex Home NAS recognized on WD LIve Hub but reports "folder contains no media"

First, I want to say that, up until 1-2 weeks ago, my WD Live Hub recognized the GoFlex Home NAS and could play all of the files on the Public folder and the external HD (connected to it.)  After disconnecting my drives to rearrange files (I have 2 USB drives connected to the WD Live Hub in addition to the NAS), I deleted the Media Library and asked the HUB to rebuild the library.  It did fine on the USB drives and internal drive (HUB) and even my shared drive connected to my PC. 

But everytime I go to “Network Shares”, I see my PC (and all other networked PCs) and also GoFlex_Home. But I select GoFlex_Home on WD LIve Hub, it reports “folder contains no media”.   I can see GoFlex_Home Public and external drives fine from my PC and have been transferring numerous GB of files to the NAS: there are plenty of files there.  (In fact, I chose Media Servers, and selected GoFlex Home:UPNP-AV, and I can see 18 folders from the NAS, but no more.) 

I have turned of the HUB, restarted the HUB, turned off and on the Media Library…but nothing works.

Any ideas???  I spent too much $ to lose access to these files!

The solution involved two steps:

  1. Changing the username and pw for the GoFlex Home NAS to the one I set for the HUB
  2. Lowering my download speeds so that the Live HUB could access the NAS and begin completing the Media Library.