"go to" function on WD TV? When?

Hello WD team.

When will the WD TV support time-seaching in movies?

“Go to” function will be a very good feature to be included in the next firmware.

It’s so discustting to search advancing x16 anytime I need it.


PD: New firmware v1.03 doesn’t still support it  :mansad:

I also hope for me soon

Do you know if this feature is anticipated in the next versions of the firmware?

I have also thought that an alternative could be that to save on the USB disk and not in the memory of the box, the point where we have arrived in the vision of the film. In this way the automatic reboot from a certain point would also work after turning off the box.

that is the most needed functionality…   

something similar as we have on the Playstation 3,…  a quick search …

OK. I agree with all of you. Let get a time functionality in the next firmware

In the meantime I found a better search option.

Just do a regular FF or REW

After it is starting to FastForward or REWind then push button |<< or >>|  PREV or NEXT button. (depending on direction)

Then time will skip around 8 to 10 minutes in both directions.

So it is a sort of quick search, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Using firmware: 1.03.01

Thanks for the tip on fast forward but this function is really important.
This was already - many years ago - on my old KISS DP-500 :slight_smile:
WD thanks in advance! :wink:

A nice implementation of the ‘jump’ feature is in the famous MediaPortal media center software (what I was using before having a WD TV Live).

On my remote one push on the right arrow will jump 30s ahead, 2 quick pushes 1 min, 3 pushes 3 min etc.

The steps (30s, 1min, 3 min, …) were customizable.

I would be really great to have this kind of feature in a future firmware, it’s a lot more flexible than the 10 min jump.