Go seahawks!

The Seattle fan base is looking forward to the SEAHAWKS beating the tar out of Denver in the Super Bowl!

(Denver fans, go start your own Denver fan thread!)


Thanks!  One other fan here is good enough!  I think it is safe to say that the SEAHAWKS really did beat the tar out of Denver.  I was hoping that the shut out that was happening would continue to the end of game.  Oh, well, the point was still made:  Hawks are the Best!

I wanted to feel sorry for the Denver…  But I just couldn’t.

The downtown Seattle celebration parade begins at 11am today. 500,000 people are expected to stand out in the 30 degree sunny day to cheer it all on.  The Gov. has declared that at 12:12pm there will be a Moment of Loudness and everyone is to make as much noise as they can for 30 seconds!  I’ll check it all out on local TV and or seahawks.com, etc.

Oh, and do you know what all the Seahawk fans did after the game ended? …  They watched the second half!

You mean they spent the time drinking and eating during the second half.  At least that’s what I did.

Today was Super Bowl Celebration Day in Seattle with a downtown parade where 700,000 (!!!) fans lined the street, and both the football Stadium and the baseball stadium were full-up with more fans.  Amazing day, and no, I did not go;  jeeze it was 30 degrees but sunny and too far for my lousy vision to drive in that traffic!  TV and internet video coverage was good enough for me.