Glitched Passport 750 gig

Been working off my 750 gig passport for 10 moths no problem. On  Saturday it decided to freak out . It stopped responding and then after i removed it from my computer and plugged it back in decided to tell me I needed a password it was locked. The funny thing is it was never set up to have password protect it was an open drive.

    So My question is to the minds to be.  IS how do I access all my photos and all my documents from work with how wiping the HDD? If this can be answered I would love to hear it. 

Well try using a different account to access it like the guest account or another PC. That’s about it there is no reset or work around for password. There is no sense removing the drive the data is hardware encrypted by the circuit board with the USB connector on it. Even if you got data off it would be useless without that board. Sorry I can’t be more posative. Professional Data recovery might be able to do something like brute force attack  to crack password.