Giving the user more control over there My Cloud Home Device

As the way things go, I have very little control over my device, and we should be given root accesses to our own device.
All I can do is set it up, add users, enable or disable limited features like plex that does not work.
Share folders with other people (Limited).

I’d like to be able to accesses the root device and make changes to it like deleting old logs, updating or downgrading firmware, updating software on there to newer versions like the plex etc…
Having DLNA support native without 3rd party like plex.

Been able to copy shared filed on the same NAS Drive with out it copying the data over at 200+ kb/s as it I was copying from the usb to the nas drive its a lot faster, so why is it a lot slower when coy files on the same hard drive on the same device?

Speeding up the speed on uploading and downloading on the LAN, as someone with a 1gbit cable to a router with a 1gib cable and a 1gbit wifi should not have speeds of 15mbit/s data speed, this should be around 70 - 100mbit/s speed.