Giving permissions from one computer to another?

Hey all,

I copy and pasted photos from my camera to the external hard drive using one computer. That computer I transferred the photos with, I am able to see and view the photos. But, when I plugged into my external hard drive to my other computer (which has an editing software), it says I don’t have permission to access or view the photos. How do I go about and giving that computer permission so I can see and view the photo?

Please help!


You need to be logged in on either computer with the same name and authority.

Try changing the the Permissions on the drive to Administer after making sure you are Administer on each computer. To change Permissions, as Administrator open the drive and select Properties (Right click). In Properties select Security, All of the Allow boxes must be checked. You may have to use Help to find how to change things.

If Administer does not help, try to make the permissions on the second drive to match the first drive.