Giving access to MyCloud directories

I want to allow friends and family to be able to access files I store on MyCloud for them. So I create a folder on my device using their email address and password. I then password protect the folder. But in order for them to access their folder, they have to login to using my details before they can access their folder.

Surely this can’t be right? Surely if I create an account on my device it should get mirrored on so that they can login and go straight to their shares?

If MyCloud doesn’t work like this then surely its a massive mistake on WD’s account as this is the way cloud storage should work.

If I’m doing something wrong or there is a specific way to do this that I’m not following, let me know.

When you create a user on the NAS and enable remote access for that user, they will receive an email leadin gthem to create an account on You resend the email from the NAS UI. Check junk email if not received

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that but when the user logs in and tries to access their shared folder from the drop down menu on the shared device page, they (eventually) get an error message saying the page isn’t available.

So they recieved an email from WD and they followed the steps to create an account.

They are able to sign in to the site with the new user?

Please correct me if there are any issues above

in the UI double check the share permission, the share needs read or full for the user you creted above

If everything checks out so far disconnect all shares from your PC and connect to the share with the user and password you created for the remote user