Givenup - Accessing MyCloudEx2 -HELP!

So I have now tried everything I have been able to find about accessing my NAS through Windows 10 changes. My PC sees the drive, can not talk to it, I have an IP address but can not reach through browser.

What do I do? Any ideas appreciated. I have too much data stored here to ignore.


You could refer to the following link:

I have changed settings for SMB, IPv4, sharing, checked certain services are set to automatic. I’ve changed routers. I have listened to multiple you tube NAS issues related to W10 and tried all the suggestions which are all pretty common. But I’ve run out of suggestions and things to toggle or change.
At this point, the help I seek is a) I need someone to capable of remoting in and work it to find the issue or b) remove my data and store in the cloud. I just replaced a disk so I’m sure my data is safe and worse case I can remove and use a CD to USB to backup the data. Any other ideas welcome.