Give My Cloud the My Cloud EX4 OS

Give My Cloud the My Cloud EX4 OS, or at least the options what EX4 has, like installing apps ( Transmission+Flexget , plex or better DLNA server with SRT support).


+1 Good Idea!

It’s a very good idea, please do this. Please. Thank you

Transmission please.

I agree with that idea (EX4)! It’s far the best in my opinion. If a new update will support Bittorrent, this product will the best, best seller product with this price. 

Transmission please!

+1 vote for the possibility of installing aps. (pref transmission)




+1  Adding a App Store were even besser!

The DLNA server on the My Cloud and My Cloud EX4 already has .SRT support. Unfortunately, there is currently no plan to add Transmission or Flexget to the My Cloud.