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Firmware 3.03.13 - OLD BUG - Cover art doesn´t show on DVD structured folder

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Foetus, will you check your DVD stuctrures and see if you have VIDEO_TS.VOB files in each one? I read through the links and  I am wondering if this is somehow related to the issue I am struggling with in link below, where media library only shows folder images in DVD directories if that file menu exists. If not, just shows generic movie reel icon.

Media Library, and the need for VIDEO_TS.VOB files



It shows icon only if you DVDRip is in .iso format
and I have way to many DVDs to convert them to .iso

I have Video_TS structure and yes, I’m having thumbnail issues. they don’t show up.  Havent been there for a few revs now.

Perhaps I am not understanding, but i have folder Icons for my DVD structures just fine. I have a folder.jpg in the main direcrtory as well as a VIDEO_TS directory with my VOB files. When I browse in folder view I see cover art as the folders. I do not have XMLs set up for movie sheets on my music vids if that is what you are speaking of, but for folder icons i do get them and a larger one on the video I have selected as long as there is a VIDEO_TS.VOB file within the structure.

Here is a picture of concert videos that are all in DVD structured format of VIDEO_TS directories. Is this what you are trying to do?

1 Network Share.jpg

You are not using media library.

I am having this same issue.  It seems to be related to setting the content source the “My Media Library”   If I select a content source of just my nas drive the images show up as they did in a previous version of the firmware.    But for some reason using the nas directly s a content source does not recognize the directory as a dvd just a folder. 

okay, then here is a picure of the same thing, using the media library. Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand if we are discussing the same thing as I am trying to solve what appears to be a similar problem.

This is a picture of DVD formatted directories, each with a folder.jpg in the main directory, and a VIDEO_TS underneath. I am connected via the media library to a remote machine that has a directory called "music videos’. I have added that directory to the media library, so I am able to access it along with other directories from various machines in my house that I want indexed. This is in folder view. nearly the same as the above picture, but as I stated it wll only show this way for dirs that have a VIDEO_TS.VOB file in the structure as a menu.

2 Media Library.jpg

I am using My Library.
I am using Get Info and xml.
Info gets shown, cover art doesn´t.

All DVDs have menu.

OK, I think I see what is differrent here. I am not using get info. The stuff i have in DVD format is concert footage, not released material. A lot from Erupean and Asian television broadcasts. Thus there is no info to get, and no covers for a great deal of the stuff. Therefore I have made the thumbnails myself as JPEGS, named them folder.jpg and put them in the root directory of each structure. So I have root (concert name, then the folder.jpeg and the VIDEO_TS directory underneath that.

That said, I was under the impression that I could not write XML for DVD style directories. You have gotten that to work which is interetsing to me. Where in the directory do you put the XML file? Ill have to write my own of course as there is not info to get, but I do have that all in a text file for each concert.

Thanks foetus, you are making me think that maybe I dont have to convert all of these to ISO if I can get the XML file t work and I already have the thumnails going.

Good luck


ICopy an XML from a movie or something else and copy it to the directory.   If you rescan the media library it will pick up the XML file and load its info.      

Cool, thanks hdgarcia for the info, but need a few more details. What did you name the xml file and where in the DVD structure do you have it placed. I do this with my ISO files, with an xml and a jpeg named exactly the same and it obviously works fine. But with a DVD structured directory, I am confused.

“Video Name” Direcory


--------------------VIDEO_TS Directory

----------------------------------VOB, IFO and BUP files.

Which directory do you have the XML file in, and what did you name it for the information to be shown on the screen similar to how it works with ISO files? The folder.jpg works and is used as the thumbnail. Now just geting the XML to work and I am going to be one happy user.

Hoping to not have to convert 500+ concert vids to ISO if I can avoid it.

Thanks in advance


For video_ts the xml file goes in the top level directory with the dvd name




Note that given this structure, with the media library turned on this StarWars directory is recognized as a video that can be played, but there are issues with it displaying the dvd cover art.    There are several threads here describing this issue. 

for those who have problem with this bug

When using Media Library,
DVDRip with DVD structured folders (Name\Video_ts)  after Get Info lookup,

shows only xml-info and backgrounds
while Cover art is not shown.

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Firmware 3.03.13 - OLD BUG - Cover art doesn´t show on DVD structured folder


I’ve been having the same issue. I erased everything in all my movies except the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories, and manually went to every folder, thinking there was an issue with the bulk ‘get content info’ and got content info for each movie.  What then populated in my directories are:






Still having an issue showing thumbnails.  :cry: