Git Server on EX4100


is there any possibility to install a git server on the ex4100 yet without voiding the warranty? I was assuming that this higher series model would at least have the features of the ex2?



Apps need to be ported and tested before they can be offered. This process is carried by the app-vendor as opposed to WD; and WD is provided with an official version.

If warranty is a concern then at this moment the best option would be to wait until the app is officially added.


Perhaps look into the option of a docker container to host the git server. Try a google search for “docker git server” or perhaps look at the example here :

You would need to make sure the docker image that you use as the base image is based on the arm chipset. I’d recommend using either “armv7/armhf-ubuntu” or “armbuild/ubuntu”.

Hope this helps.