Git links broken?

the git app works well, except that some features appear to be broken.  For example if I try to use “git pull”, I get:

fatal: cannot exec ‘git-pull’: Permission denied.

Searching around the net, this has been mentioned as a $PATH or permissions problem, with the proposed solution to run “strace” to find the problem, which is not going to work on the My Cloud Mirror.  Any proposed solutions?

strannik - looked at your other thread about git. I am not familiar with git or sparkleshare myself. But this thread may be of some vaue to you, primarily the firmware source code part :slight_smile: ->  And though ot may not be of direct use to you, you may be able to customize the firmware to suit your needs.

And though that post is about EX2, there is very little dfference between the EX2 and Mirror.

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