Gigabit speed (update)


previously i was connected to my mbl through my router, (300mbit)

im on virgin (uk isp) with a net speed of 120mbit down, however,

i was only getting top speeds from my mbl of 10-12MBps

when transferring files, so i can only assume my router can only handle

100mbit through lan straight from the router, which kinda defeats the purpose

of 120mbit internet, anyway thats something else,

what im actually posting about is the speed of my transferres since getting a gigabit switch today

with some cat5e cables, my speed to my mbl is now 50-60MBps going to the mbl and 115MBps coming from my mbl

the speed is constant on large files, im happy with that :slight_smile:


Given I too only get around the same i.e. 10mbps (Sky ISP) can you tell me just what you bought?


i just bought a cheap gigabit network switch, 5 port,

tp-link TL - SG1005D and 2x cat5e lan cables,

my setup is now,

1 cat5e lan cable from the router to the switch (port 1)

i used the lan cable that came the mbl to connect mbl to the switch, (port 2)

i then used the ramaining cat5e lan cable to connect my pc to the switch (port3)

because my onboard lan card is gigbit 10/100/1000 bandwidth and the switch is gigabit,

we get way better speeds to and from the mbl as its not going through the 100mbit lan on the router,

with some network tweaking there prolly room for improvement on my current speed.

which is a consistant 55/110 MB up and down to the mbl


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