Gigabit router, still slow transfer speed

mike27oct wrote:> Is this the case, even though my network is gigabit, and my Pogoplug is gigabit and USB3 capable and the drive connected is USB3 type?  So, the limiting factor must be 5400rpm drive, correct?

More than likely it’s the puny little processor in the Pogoplug.

A 5400RPM drive is what I have in my desktop showing the above speeds.

OK, last question (maybe) … so Tony what two devices did you transfer between to get the 81Mbps speeds?

81 MB (with a capital B. :slight_smile:  )  which equates to 648 Mbps with a little b. :slight_smile: )

… was between my PC (internal WD drive) and the Cloud NAS.

Got it:  MB vs. Mbps.  I did mean to say, MB, so thanks for catching my error.  :dizzy_face:

BTW, here are the specs for the Pogoplug Series 4 device.  Does it shed any light on the processor’s quality, etc?

  • Pogoplug Series 4
  1. Processor: Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l)
  2. CPU Hardware: Feroceon-KW
  3. BogoMIPS: 799.5
  4. Total Memory: 128MB

Mot really, but you can try this: find a large file (1GB or bigger) on the disk attached to the Pogo

Then on the pogo shell, do this:

time cat (path to file) > /dev/null

… which will tell you how fast the pogo will be able to read from the disk.

Doing this with a 2GB file on the Cloud yielded 100 megabytes per second.

Network transfer will always be slower than that.