GigaBit or not

Is the WD TV Live Hub really giga bit?

I’m copy files from the WD TV LH to a laptop, and the top speed im getting on my network is 40 kbps. There is alot of unused bandwidth out there. Even if I’m only running 100T base ethernet…

So, what’s going on?

Does this mean going to a Gigabit router with not improve any more?

I get my results my router using DD-WRT firware, showing the data usage on the LAN, WAN, and Wireless in a graph.

Pulling a Youtube video down jumps to 1Mbps on the WAN.

40 kbps??   That’s worse than my old X2 modem!   

Something is horribly wrong with your network…

Ok 40 kbps is one way, so 80 kbps, I;'m still short 20 now on my 100T base…

When you watch the packets going in and out would copying files, why is just as many packets are going out as coming in? Is this like a checksum, or CRC, or echo on?

It seem needless band width useage.

Surely you must mean 80 MEGAbits per second, not 80 KILObits per second, which is a factor of 1000 times different…

And you  also seam to be comparing FULL duplex to HALF duplex, which is not correct.

The WDTV is FULL DUPLEX, and I’m assuming you have a somewhat modern network switch, which means you have 100 megabits per second in EACH direction, not total, likewise with Gigabit ethernet, you have 1000 megabits per second in each direction.    VERY FEW (if any?) devices do Half-Duplex gigabit.

When copying or streaming files, you should NOT normally be seeing the exact same number of packets going out as in, unless you’re doing something weird like copying a file FROM the WDTV’s storage TO another place on the WDTV’s storage, in which case they’d be close to the same in quantity.

If you’re copying a file from the WDTV to your PC, you should see roughly 2x to 10x the number of packets OUT as IN, depending on how the transfer protocols negotiate the connection (the TCP segment size is the biggest contributor to this difference.)  

But to answer the root of your question, the Hub struggles to do much more than 100 megabits per second, but it can do slightly more under good conditions (120 megabits per second or so on Gigabit)  and 80 to 90 megabits per second (depends on how you measure) is pretty good for 100BaseT network.

Does this help?