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I have just bought a wd tv live hub and i am generally very happy with it. However, there is a point where it is a HUGE let down. When I copy files onto it, it takes ages. All my network at home is gigabit so I can transfer files between computers at very high speeds . However when I transfer the file to the hub, it always takes longer. Does the device really have a gigabit port???



Yes, it has a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Yes it has a gigabit etherport but it works not as a gigabit ethernet port

10 Megabyte / sec. at most.

No, the gigabit ethernet port works as advertised.

It’s just that the box is throughput-limited.

Ok, thanks for your replies.

So, does this  throughput-limited is something that WD can change with a firmware update to make it behave like a real gigabit connection?



Check this post:

Ignore the wireless discussion.

The answer to your question is based on opinion.   What does a “real gigabit” connection behave like?

We really need a sticky on this subject…

Thank you all foryour replies, I tried transferring files from a Mac and they go MUCH faster. Still does not feel like a true gigabit but it is pretty fast!


Yeah Miguel unfortunately the Hub is really slow with file transfers. However, it is able to stream at full Gigabit capacity. It might be something about the interface between the network and the storage of the Hub that  causes slow transfers, but since it’s not using the internal storage when you’re streaming from an external network source like a shared folder or NAS, you get full gigabit capability. I’m streaming movies with bandwidth sometimes in excess of 50 megabytes per second.

snackbidi wrote:

… I’m streaming movies with bandwidth sometimes in excess of 50 megabytes per second.

50 megaBITS, probably, but 50 megaBYTES?   :smileyvery-happy: