Gigabit connectivity with My Book World Ed

I have a 4TB My Book World Ed 2 that states on the box that it is gigabit ethernet compatible.  It is connected to a gigabit router (Linksys WRT610N) via a CAT-6 cable.  How do I enable or configure gigabit on the My Book World Ed?  The router has lights that show the nework speed for each attached device.  I have 2 computers attached that the router is recognizing as running at gigibit speed.  However, the My Book World Ed 2 is being recognized by the router as running at a slower 100mbs speed.  I haven’t seen any documentation or obvious configuration settings on the My Book World Ed that relate to setting or changing the network speed.  Any ideas?

as far as i know, wd my book should detect speed automaticly.

dunno why it is not detecing gbit lan in your case :frowning:

Well, I think I’ve resolved the problem and the resolution has nothing to do with the NAS drive.  Apparently, the Linksys router firmware and documentation are not in sync.  The router documentation I received stated that green lights mean 10/100 mbps connectivity and blue lights mean gigabit connectivity.  Linksys fixed this inconsistency by changing their documentation.  Now blue lights mean 10/100 mbps connectivity and green lights mean gigabit.  I have a green light for the connection to the My Book World Ed so I have the gigabit connectivity I was expecting.