Gig ethernet

im just asking is the lead that comes with the wd live book fast enough it seems to take an age to transfer data , im on fibre optic  broadband BT is there a faster solution.

You’re going to need to be more specific.   “an age” isn’t a quantifiable length of time.

Your internet speed has nothing to do with it if you’re moving data locally on your home network.

sorry , 6MB is the speed im getting , shouldnt it be much faster than that .thanks.

FROM what device? TO what device? Via wired or wireless? Using an APP or just a PC connection?

from my laptop to the WDlive book, drag and drop files into the folders for sharing , would port forwarding or giving the live book a static ip address make any difference to this?  what speeds should i excpect to get .Wireless aswell , pc has 3 gig of ram and  dual core processor, using pc connection , what app is there to use?