Getting weird folder names when i plug in my USB drive

Hai when i plug in my USB derive to the media player and watch its content on the TV i get weird names like avira saivira, noda and abbot etc on the screen. I dont get the same when i connect my hard drive to the laptop . i think there is some virus on the device or some program files. i dont have an internet connection at home. Please let me know if there is any problem when you see all these folders on the tv menu and also how should i upgrade the firmware of the device. i dont have an internet connection at home  nor do i have a tv in my work place. how do i connect the device  and upgrade or remove these abnormal files. otherwise my device is working fine without any problem. I am planning to connect my laptop wirelessly to the mediaplayer to play on my tv. can i achieve this through a wifi dongle plugged into the USB slot. Please let me know. Regards

Check to see if, when you plug it into your PC, that you enable HIDDEN FILES and FOLDERS under the View options.

Avira is the name of a “Free” antivirus program, strangely enough