Getting WD TV Live to Remember Network Password

I’m using WD TV Live and I have a wireless usb network adaptor (D-Link DW-140) connected to it.  I’m using this to stream video files stored in my laptop hard drive to the WD TV Live device for viewing on my TV.

After turning on the WD TV Live device, I try to view my video files by selecting Video and then Network Share.  When I do this, I don’t see the name of the laptop appearing on the screen.  To gain access to my laptop hard drive, I need to log into my network using my password in the Network Settings screen.  I have to do this whenever I turn on the WD TV Live device.  I set the auto login for network share feature on.  How can I set WD TV Live to remember my password so that I don’t need to enter my network password whenever I turn on this device and want to gain access to my video files located in my laptop hard drive?

Did you shared your folders through the network so you can see it from the network shares?

Yes, I did.

Anyways I got the device to work.  I had to reset the device to factory default.

If I want to get WD TV Live to access several drives on different computers, would I be able to get it to remember the network password for each of those computers?