Getting WD TV Live to recognize Sentinel?


Is there a way to get my WD TV Live to be able to see the Shared Folders on my WD Sentinel?  I prefer to browse using the network shares on the WD TV.  Thanks


This function does work out of the box, and was tested for just this purpose.  This is the method that I personally use to view video, photos, and music using WDTV products.  Can you tell me more about your network configuration (i.e. devices on the same LAN segment, Windows PC’s, Linux, MAC, Server, etc), Did you change the workgroup name in the WDTV device?  This would make Sentinel unable to see it as well.

My network is setup as a workgroup, all IP are in the range - 100 Subnet (

My network name is set on all my Windows PCs (Windows 7 & XP SP3) to my name SHANNON.

I cannot figure out how to change the domain name of the Sentinel from WORKGROUP to SHANNON, however.

The workgroup name of the WDTV is also set to SHANNON


Here in lies your problem.  Because the Worgroup name is locked.  It is locked because of the security certificate generated with the system name was created.  So you are unable to change this.  So in order to use the WDTV and Sentinel you must use Workgroup as the workgroup name or else the WDTV will never see the Sentinel.

Exchanged the Sentinel for a MyBook Live Duo 6 Gb.  I can adjust its workgroup to my workgroup name and the WD TV Live sees it no problem.  The Sentinel was not a good solution for my home network.