Getting Twonky to scan folders other than Public


is it possible to get twonky to scan folders other than the pre defined public folder? i cant write to the public folder either a

even with my admin account?

any help would be great as iam pulling my hair out at this stage


As far as I know, not on the World. But try using SSL to see if you can change the core values for Twonky.

Connect to http://mybookworld:9000/ to access the Twonky server admin web app and click “TonkyMedia Settings”.

There’s a menu named “Basic Setup” with a menu link named “Sharing”.

On that screen, you can configure the folders MediaTwonky should monitor and screen.

Twonky should scan automatically upon changes.

If it doesn’t though, in menu “Advanced Setup”, click on “Maintenance”.

There are buttons here to rescan directories, rebuild the whole indexing database and restart the server.

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