Getting started


I’ve only just got this piece of kit. When I press “File Management”  and get “BOBSCOMPUTER” , it comes up with this message “This Network share cannot be accessed”. It plays files from a memory stick OK.

I wouldn’t recommend using the  WDTV to manage files that are on your local computer.  That’s really there to work with files that are on local USB storage.  

If you’re sharing your computer, then just use the computer to move files around.

Thanks for the reply, but all I want to do is access my PC files with the WD HD Live.

Could you explain what you mean by “access”: what do you want to do with the files?

Do you want to Copy/Move/Delete them?  (yes, this is done via Setup > File Management menu)

Or do you just want to play them?  (this is done via the Video / Music > Network share menus)

If you do need to be using the File Management menu and can’t access the files, the issue lies with your Network Share, not with the WD TV Live.  You need to review your share settings and ensure that a) it’s configured to share with read/write privileges and b) the WDTV has the appropriate credentials (username / password) to access the share.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.  :)