Getting SmartWare Pro for PR4100?

How do I get a copy of SmartWare Pro for my other PC users in my home? I have less than four registered users on my Pr4100 device. When they download and install the SmartWare Pro software, they can only see the Drop Box archive option and are unable to view the option to archive/ back up to the PR4100, instead, they’re prompted to buy a copy of SmartWare Pro. Do I need a license key for each user in my home?


The My Cloud PR4100 supports 25 WD Smartware Pro licenses.
In order for the licenses to be activated, each Windows PC must be able to see and access the My Cloud PR4100 under “Network” in Windows Explorer.

It’s possible that your PC Firewall, Malware, End Point Protection is filtering or blocking incoming ports thus the Smartware server cannot active the codes.