Getting Netflix on WD Live

Trying to find out how to get my WD Live TV to hook up to netflix. Is there a firmware upgrade? I boiught the product from Amazon a couple of months ago. Netflix requires an code to enable access. Where/how do I get the code?

I tried looking though the post but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks


OK, I am jumping out on a limb trying to help with my very first post.

The way I understand it the WD Live does not directly support access to Netflix but the WD Live Plus does.

However you can get Netflix on the WD Live using PlayOn running on a computer on your network.

Welcome the two of you to he forums.

The second poster is correct – the Live which you bought several months ago does not support Netflix and there is no way it ever will.  Only the Plus (which has different hardware required by Netflix) can do this.

PlayOn (a separate paid service) might be able to do what you want as he says, but it will cost you a subscription fee on top of the Netflix one.