Getting my windows 10 laptop to discover my cloud gen 2 via the setup software

i cannot get my laptop ( running windows 10 with the latest updates ) to discover my cloud device using the set up software i have downloaded from your site. I have tried via a browser ( chrome, edge & the latest explorer ) but all fail to connect or allow me to register. I have connected, without any issue using my iphone & ipad via your app & have backed up files to the cloud from them but cannot access it from my laptop.The cloud device is connected to my router with the supplied cable & shows 3 solid blue lights. The setup software just searches for the cloud but fails to find it & prevents me from proceeding any further…any help or guidance would be hugely appreciated. thk you

Hi There,

I am having the same problem with a Windows 10 desktop. My Cloud appears as a network drive, so it is recognising it, but it will not let me install any of the other softwear, so in effect it is merely acting as a (slow) external hard drive. Any body have any ideas??? I suspect some firmwear update or other needed?

Any help would be really appreciated.