Getting more and more frustrated, please help


I just bought WD TV Live as I was feed up with PS3 Media Server and PS3 cinavia thing. I just can get why setting up WD TV Live is so complicated. I went through manual I have read many posts here but I am just getting frustrated. I even had problem with creating account here as it says this page has no admin and throws some errors, but anyway to WD issue.

firmware 1.03.10 reading many posts I decided not to upgrade it.

Windows 7 x64

I want to stream from PC, PC and WD are connected by cable. I have only one user on my PC and it is Admin user with no password, I finaly managed to log in from WD with no user and password.

I can see folders I have shared (read/write even tho I read somwhere that before 1.05 read is enough) but when I try access them I am getting error NO MEDIA IN CURRENT FOLDER

the folders I have shared is folder that has sub folders with movies, I cant see thos subfolders, second folder is just with movie files, and same error message, and third folder is with 15 mp3, and still I can’t see those.

Can somebody help me setup this? I want to share just folder and be able to access it and than sub folder with movie and stream it, and even better would be to be able to just share my whole drives (d: e: and f:) and than just browse to the folder I want with media,is that possible?

FINALY I found solution on some other forum:

When you setup the folder for share,  press advanced sharing > permissions > check allow ONLY in reading  (for maximum security). It is most likely checked already, but just to make sure.

Next, go into the security tab (next to sharing i think… still in the folder properties).
press Edit… > Add… > and write “EVERYONE” (without the marks) > press OK. next, check that the new “EVERYONE” group has allowance in the following:

Reading and Running
Viewing Folders

This really works, my only issue now is:

  • Is it posible to move subtitles lower? I have read that I can change position with arroes on remote but that does not work, is it because of firmware 1.03.10?

  • if I will update firmware, is there support for .txt subtitles or I still have to convert all to .srt?


[EDIT] it seems some .txt are read, and some are not, can’t figure out what is deciding factor.

[EDIT] found positioning of subtitles in ‘options’ while movie is playing

I have the same issues but I think something is missing with your steps.   Can you link to the forum you found the solution on?

sure, glad to help

next issue: how to make youtube show videos in 720p and 1080p?