Getting metadata with windows program

I would like to get meta data for movies and tv shows on external drives with windows 10. I would like a free program but everything that I see is either no longer available or costs.

Thanks, Jeff

Hi there, I don’t know of any free program that will allow you to get meta data. Let’s see if any other user from the Community can share the name of a free program with us.

After posting here I found an application called Media Center Master. I am looking at the premier version on a free trial but the free one also looks like it might meet my needs. It creates a couple of files that I’m not sure I need (folder.jpg and movie.xml) but with the create WDTV files selected it also creates the files necessary to show up in my media library.

I am still learning my way around. Documentation could be better. But I can put a bunch of my movies in a directory and it will process them semi automatically. You still have to make sure that you are processing the correct version. I have a bunch of classic movies that have been remade and you have to select which one. I then pulls the info from IMDB.