Getting files from WD external

I seem to have lost several folders from one of my major folders in Microsoft explorer – about 6 folders, all after the letter R.  I found one via “search” and replaced it.  Is this the place to ask for more help?


The Forum Feedback is not the place to ask for help on retrieving files.  Actually, I’m not sure which board would be. Try posting in board most relevant to your external drive and operating system.   I’m sure someone will take a stab at it.

Hey, i’m inerested in scanning by WD500 book.  It’s been a while and i’m afraid i might lose it all.  Vista will not let me scan it.  HOw can i otherwise scan it?  Please respond to  It’d be much appreciated.  thank you.

Wow.   Didn’t even read, did ya.   

Haha… Wow…