Getting cover images from Synology DS213 changed

Hello all, I have changed my NAS to a Synology Diskstation DS213 and it’s brilliant, infinitely better than my old DualDrive. Anyway it has an app called video station that pulls all the film covers down and IMDB synopsis etc.

I thought this would just “appear” by itself when viewing videos on my WDTV, but they’re still only showing the default empty cover image.

What do I do please? I assume this should work, otherwise I’ll need to change my WDTV as well :-/

Thanks very much

Oh I appear to have bumped into something. After about 6 months of this not working I have realised if you go to Setup -> System you can click on Media Library and it goes into a sub menu!! It said on at the end so I assumed that was it . In there you add folders to scan for media, and now my dashboard is appearing…

Hopefully this’ll do it :slight_smile:

Ok not quite there yet …

I see that it’s now pulling meta info from the net, this is in Setup -> System -> Meta-Source Manager -> TV Show -> TVDB Meta-Source.

I want to use my NAS as the meta source, as it does a much better job of getting covers etc. When I try to “Add New Meta-Source” I get “Select Content Source: No Storage Present”.

Any ideas please? Getting closer to a decent setup to rival XBMC.

Thank you

I do hope you find something.  I have a DS 212+ and so far it’s fantastic but same issue with the metatdata.  working on it now. 

I wonder if we should try one of the other themes as they work differently …

My understanding (and it’s limited) is that your NAS uses its own metasource.  If you can find out what that is, then you can add that under the “add metasource” in setup.  There is a proceedure for this, tho as I’ve tried to add additional providers under this menu option to no avail… yet.    Good luck.